Jonathan Aubrey National Library Workers’ Day Nominee

Great Neck Library Librarian Jonathan Aubrey was nominated posthumously by the Great Neck Library for the National Library Workers’ Day award.

The Great Neck Library has nominated Jonathan Aubrey to posthumously be awarded with this year’s National Library Workers’ Day award for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to delivering the highest-quality library service to the community. A ceremony was held on May 11 at Senator Elaine Phillips’s office, where Jon’s brother David Aubrey accepted the certificate on his brother’s behalf.

Every year since 2004, the American Library Association celebrates librarians and support staff for their valuable contributions on National Library Workers’ Day, which was on Tuesday, April 10, this year.

From left: David Aubrey accepts the National Library Workers’ Day Nominee Certificate awarded posthumously to his brother, Jon, from Senator Elaine Phillips and is joined by Great Neck Library Director Denise Corcoran and Assistant Director Tracy Geiser.

Jon Aubrey was an exemplary library employee and beloved reference librarian, who was extremely dedicated to what libraries stand for. He had a passion for and devotion to the Great Neck Library History Collection, on which he spent countless hours and was instrumental in the development of the collection.

Jon took his role at the library very seriously—whether helping patrons, who would seek him out for his assistance; doing research, which he pursued zealously; or serving on a library committee. He was an alumnus of the library’s Levels Teen Center and continued to be a huge supporter and friend to the Levels program throughout his tenure as a librarian, often serving as a guide to Levels lore and history.

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