Jeff Shi For Board Of Education Trustee

Jeff Shi

I am married with one daughter who attends Great Neck Public Schools. We moved to Great Neck in 2013. I graduated with an engineering degree from Cooper Union.

I am currently working for the City of New York. For the last 20-plus years, I worked in financial, health-care and technology companies, managing and provisioning large computer systems in support of business operations.

My faith in public school education is deeply rooted in my upbringing. My mother was a high school vice principal and my father was a vice president of Fudan University in China. I witnessed firsthand the lifetime impact that educators could have on their students. This prepares me and drives me to enter this election.

Offering services to the community on behalf of all children is advice offered by Larry Gross, the retiring trustee of this contested seat. As a trustee, I will perform my due diligence to make sure that the interests of all kids, in all matters, are well-considered in all fairness.

Education is about growth, and growth is about changes. As a trustee, I will work tirelessly with other members to tackle tough issues, perceived or otherwise, in the area of academic excellence, transparency and fiscal responsibility. I will look for improvements and bring good and necessary changes forward as a growing organization.

However, perceptions are not all realities. As a trustee, I will reach out to various support groups and raise public awareness of GNPS’ agendas through media channels like Facebook, WeChat, LINE, etc. We will help our busy parents and public make informed decisions on critical issues.

Children are our future and the future is full of uncertainties. As a trustee, I will emphasize with Dr. Prendergast to future-proof our kids. Leading by example, our teachers will keep planting the seeds of leadership, fairness and empathy at GNPS, something that is infallible, regardless of how technology would advance human lives in the future. Seeded with these values and beliefs, our students will live a rich and rewarding life. They will be able to scale any peak by connecting the dots, one step at a time, while every step ahead of their competitors.

My superb analytical skills and attention to details help me reduce complex problems into more manageable and understandable action items. More importantly, my understanding of fairness in due processes and my empathy for the benefits of all kids in the school district will help me make the right decisions, for the right reason and at all times.

I am proud of the many achievements GNPS had in the past. I understand that our schools and community face many challenges ahead. I am confident that I will make an invaluable contribution in shaping our public education in the future.

—Submitted by the candidate

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