It’s Shameful


Spare me the patriotic speeches; spare me the parades; spare me the fireworks. America dishonors the memories of the soldiers who gave their lives for our country by the way we treat the veterans who are still alive.

Every day, 20 veterans commit suicide. Every day, there are nearly 200,000 homeless veterans. Every day, veterans wait months to get an appointment at a VA hospital.

Politicians are quick with words, but words are cheap. Show me some action. Do something to help the veterans who are so desperate that they take their own lives.

Do something about the veterans who have no home, no roof over their head, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Do something about the disgraceful treatment veterans get at VA hospitals. Memorial Day should be more than a photo op. All of us should be demanding better treatment for our veterans.

It’s shameful.

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