In Praise of Accomplishments


I support, and I urge every voter in the Village of Great Neck, to vote for Ralph Kreitzman for mayor; Mitchell Beckerman and Jeffrey Bass for trustees.

Their accomplishments for our village are so many and meaningful that not voting for them would be the same as cutting off your nose to spite your face. For example, they were instrumental in the consolidation of our two sewer districts and the construction of a state of art oxidation ditch plant that attracts visitors from all over. Their foresight has enabled our village to continue its separation from Nassau County’s sewer system and will no doubt save us a lot of money now and in the years to come. Additionally, our village is fiscally secure and its future visioning is substantial.

There is no reason to change for people who have no experience, but might have an agenda. Be smart, vote for the Better Government Party and Ralph Kreitzman, Mitchell Beckerman and Jeffrey Bass.

Norman Gersman


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