How Residents, Taxpayers And Families Feel About Library Renovation


I read Joseph Catrone’s article “Concerns Over New Library” in the Jan. 4 issue and, as one of the mothers concerned, I would like to clarify a few issues.

There has been an email and phone campaign caregivers started expressing their concerns (please note, this has nothing to do with mothers—children of all ages use the library with their caregivers, which include older siblings, grandparents, baby-sitters and both parents). There has also been an online petition outlining these concerns at

As you can see, not a single point requests babysitting services.

The bottom-line concerns are 1. The space is significantly smaller. 2. Does not serve children and families of all ages. 3. Does not serve its expectations of enriching and emboldening children of all ages to linger, learn and explore new thoughts, ideas, books.

I could show the extremely underwhelming and diminished family experience the library now offers. This is much less than what they used to have and, in addition, is nowhere near comparable to what other local libraries are offering in Manhasset and Port Washington. After two years and millions of dollars, we had expected more than this.

The response we are met with by the board is 1. We are not your babysitters. 2. Please be patient. This is not a question of unpacking, this is a question of poorly designed and utilized space.

These are serious concerns that are not being taken seriously.

—Maral Yashar

Read “Parents Concerned Over Library Renovations.”


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