Helsinki Pandemonium


In this combustive political climate, it is crucial to adhere to our principles and soberly voice our grievances. It is unfortunately near impossible to engage in constructive debates when both sides are preoccupied with throwing mud at each other. As a conservative and a staunch supporter of the current administration, I deviate today from my routine commentaries.

The extent of armament the abysmal press conference by the POTUS in Helsinki provided the Democrats and the hostile media is startling. Donald Trump’s worst enemy is his own gigantic ego, which has ironically led him to the pinnacle of success.

Back in January 2017, he overlooked the liberal demographic of Washington, DC, while stubbornly and illogically insisting on the crowd size at his inauguration. Trump has repeatedly broken historical crowd-size records at campaign rallies, but he indiscreetly shifted the focus to the gathering at his inauguration.

His compulsive denial of Russian election meddling is similarly mind wrenching. The Soviet Union attempts to influence the USA elections started shortly after WWII and gained momentum in the ’60s and beyond.

Denial of the Russian interferences is reminiscent of Barack Obama, who mocked Mitt Romney in the 2012 debate for labeling Russia as our top geopolitical foe. It was Obama who mumbled to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”

It was Obama’s administration and Secretary Hillary Clinton who sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia. This was Obama’s administration, which systematically weakened and depleted our military, emboldening Russia and other hostile countries.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Committee (DNC) engaged in numerous illegal maneuvers to derail Trump’s candidacy. The investigative journalists have no appetite to unfold those irregularities and unearth the DNC’s alleged criminal activities.

Trump could have reiterated the Russian intrusion without much brouhaha. Instead, his majestic ego lured him to tumble in a trap set up by politicians and the media. They warned him not to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as if other presidents haven’t had face-to-face encounters and conferences with him. The stage was shrewdly set for a turbulent week and President Trump granted the left enough ammunition to elevate the discord to new levels.

They now chant treason.

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