Letter: Help The Community Get An Indoor Pool


This is an open, sincere expression of the desire and well-thought-out meetings and discussions of many residents of Great Neck—our desire is for an indoor pool.

We recognize and applaud the long-serving work of Great Neck Park District Commissioner Bob Lincoln and the late, much admired Ruth Tamarin—and we must mention the excellent and outstanding performance of our park Superintendent Jason Marra and Assistant Superintendent Anthony DiDomenico.

To the point: Money is always the first consideration. After some investigation toward that end, we offer the idea to convert one of the two indoor tennis courts adjacent to the Parkwood Complex. We hear the booing and anguish of our friends and neighbors who are ardent tennis devotees, but I quickly add many of them are also longtime devotees each summer of the Parkwood Pool.

Obvious facts: The most expensive part, by far, of any indoor complex is the long and lengthy construction process, from the excavations, ground preparation, plumbing, electrical work, windows, insulation, etc. All of that is existing. Adaptation and expansion can be donated but at a minimum cost relative to origination.

Another huge savings, and at a bargain price from any pool company, is to keep his crew busy during the long and cold winter season.

Bob Lincoln, and with high hopes of the two most recent commissioners, Frank Cilluffo and Tina Stellato, and our outstanding superintendent and assistant superintendent, Jason Marra and Anthony DiDomenico, can add to the prominence and luster of living in Great Neck.

Be bold, take a big bite and give your loyal supporters a sense of recognition.

—Richard Miroe


  1. I fully agree with you. Although there is an indoor pool at the JCC in Roslyn, which requires a very costly membership fee in the JCC and is 5 miles or so east of Great Neck and although there is a Nassau County all-year round indoor pool on Denton Avenue in New Hyde Park, this would be a definite asset for the community. The question is how would it be funded, would it impact our property taxes and, if so, how much and how expensive will it be to enter, on an annual or per diem basis.

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