Helen’s Rosh Hashanah Miracle

David Golbert

My grandmother was fond of saying that there are miracles all around of us if we only opened our eyes to see them. But I wasn’t thinking about miracles last week when I walked into the Deer Park office of one of my customers. The company did fine-art packing for many of the largest museums and art dealers in New York City. Like many other companies I call on, this one had also experienced slowing business conditions, which led to the reduction of its staff from 12 employees to only six.

After my sales call, I walked by the bookkeeper’s desk on my way to the front door. Helen is a grandmother, several times over, who went back to work to supplement her social security income. She used to work full time, but now is down to two days a week. Like most of my customers, Helen knows about my work at The INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) soup kitchen and, in past years, has given me a nice donation at holiday time.

As I reached her desk, I stopped and wished her L’shana Tova (a good year). She looked up at me, put aside the time cards she was working on and pulled out her purse. When she opened it, I could see that there were only a handful of bills in it—mostly singles it seemed. Carefully, Helen counted out four singles and then went into another compartment and pulled out four quarters.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you more,” she said with an embarrassed smile.

“That’s okay,” I reassured her. “This will provide a wonderful hot meal for two children at the soup kitchen.”

She thanked me for understanding and, as I walked outside, I thought about what had just happened.

Wishing those who celebrate a healthy, happy and sweet new year!

Helen felt badly that all she could give me was $5. I felt blessed that she had given me so much. I guess Grandmother was right about small miracles. Often they occur when we least expect them.

If you’ve had some blessings in your life, please consider sharing them with others who are less fortunate. Your donation—in whatever amount is comfortable for you—has the power to change someone’s life for the better.

As the sages tell us, “Blessed are those who share with those who have less.”

To help families in need, please make your check payable to The Interfaith Nutrition Network. Donations may be mailed to: Dave Golbert, 7 Lee Court West, Great Neck, NY 11024.

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