Hats Off To The Brave Mail Carriers 


Last Thursday, everyone dealt with a snow storm that dumped more than 14 inches and did not end until mid afternoon. I was out all day, starting at 7 a.m. to shovel. Our villages, Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County had their hands full struggling to clear the roads, especially dead-end streets. What a pleasant surprise to see that our new mailman, Jonathan, after only several months on our route, has carried on the traditions of his longtime predecessor, Roland. Roland served the Lakeville community adjacent to Lakeville Elementary school by the Great Neck/Little Neck City Line. Many streets off of Concord Avenue were not plowed until the afternoon. Most neighbors had yet to venture outside to shovel both the driveway and sidewalk until after the snow had stopped. Despite all of these obstacles, Jonathan came through delivering our mail, just like Roland always did.

Being retired, I have come to enjoy not only our excellent local library system but also getting the mail six days a week. A day without Jonathan delivering the mail is a day without sunshine! I can fully appreciate the connection between senior citizens and the local mailman. Hats off to Jonathan and to all the other brave mail carriers who made their appointed rounds Thursday, despite many homes without cleared paths to the mailbox. Ditto for finding a spot to park the mail truck. You are all true unsung heroes. Welcome to our neighborhood, Jonathan. May your stay on our mail route be a long one!

—Larry Penner


  1. As the mail carrier mentioned in this letter to the editor, I am greatly flattered by Mr. Penner’s words. It is always a delight to talk to my customers and get to know them as more than just an address and mail receptacle. As flattering as Mr. Penner’s letter was, I truly feel that I am the truly fortunate one who gets to deliver the mail to some truly extraordinary people from all walks of life. There are people on my route who have fought for our country, toured the world with famous musicians, purchased airplanes for El Al, educators and artists to name just a few. Not only do I have wonderful customers such as the Penners, but my customers are also my neighbors as I, too, reside in Great Neck. I also get to enjoy our great libraries and parks (I habitually watch the sunset at Steppingstone Park with my wife and son, sometimes huddled in the phone booth), and my son will be attending the best school district in New York State beginning in September. I see my customers when I go to dinner at the Great Neck Diner, grab breakfast at Bagelman, and go to temple at the Lake Success Jewish Center. I enjoy serving my neighbors as their mail carrier and I appreciate the support they have given me since making the difficult transition from teacher to postal worker. I look forward to many more years of working and living in this wonderful community.

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