Haber Passionate To Make A Difference As The Democratic Candidate For The Seventh Senate District

Adam Haber
Adam Haber

Adam Haber believes he has the background, passion and skill set to make a difference for his constituents and Long Island as a whole in the New York State Legislature.

Haber is running for the New York State Senate Seventh District on the Democratic line, along with the Working Families and Women’s Equality party tickets. His opponent is Republican Elaine Phillips, currently the mayor of Flower Hill.

Haber is emphasizing keeping property taxes in check, reforming and supporting public education, cleaning up Albany and protecting the environment.

The East Hills resident touts his extensive business experience and said he gained insights into public budgeting through membership on the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, a state monitoring board in control of the county’s finances.

“Out of the 63 state senators, I might be the only one who actually ran a business and had to make payroll,” he said, adding that, “I’m a guy who’s created hundreds of jobs.”

As for the concerns he’s been hearing on the campaign trail, Haber joked that the “one, two and three issues are taxes, taxes, taxes.”

He is a proponent of the property-tax cap and would like to see it become permanent.

“Long Island cannot continue to be the tax engine of the state,” he said.

Haber believes that fiscal responsibility and holding the line on taxes can be achieved by cost-cutting and revenue enhancement through improved government efficiency and transparency.

“I want this [state] to be a good place to do business,” he stated, referring to the studies that allege that the Empire State ranks near the bottom in terms of a business-friendly climate.

He noted that Long Island has 17 percent of the state’s public school enrollment, but gets back only 12 percent of the state funding—and would like to change this state of affairs.

Regarding education, he would like to see changes to Common Core, which he called “the antithesis of good education.” He is also “vehemently” against charter schools.

“Public education is for the public,” he stated, mentioning his stint on the Roslyn School District Board of Education and helping to turn the district’s finances around.

Haber called Albany “a cesspool of corruption,” citing the number of pols indicted for irregularities, including Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“I want an open, transparent process in Albany. I am not beholden to a corrupt machine,” he said.

He believes in term limits, backs comprehensive ethics reform and a change in the law to strip convicted politicians of their state pensions.

Haber, who drives an electric vehicle, stands against the continuing reliance on fossil fuels and backs Governor Andrew Cuomo’s drive to generate 50 percent of the state’s electric needs from renewables by 2030. He would like to see solar panels on every public-building roof, supports the offshore wind-turbine project and wants to stop the nitrogen leaching that is polluting the Long Island Sound.

Haber’s tag line is simple: “Long Island First.”

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