Greed Is Killing Our Parklands


We were backstabbed by Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel last year with Bill A08144 to the Senate right at the last minute. Much to the anger of the Kings Point board, it didn’t go through. So not to give up and admit defeat, to accept the Supreme Court and later the State Court of Appeals’ decision, they sweet-talked Senator Jack Martins, who verbally said that he was devoted to the parkland and would not introduce a bill to destroy it. Just like Schimel, he has backstabbed us with Bill S7999. Did the sweet-talking have anything to do with the upcoming election for Congress? Kings Point has a lot of Republicans’ votes. It seems we now have our Democratic and Republican leaders who are determined to undo all the hard work four very brave Great Neck residents, who in the interest of every member of the community (except developers), sought to preserve our parklands.

Schimel says that she is satisfied. Mayor Kalnick and his trustees (developers) are appreciative. It will be interesting to see who the Kings Point board sells to. A board member or a board relation? And what will the dollar amount be? Who will be the one making a huge profit? Shame on you all who are so greedy that you choose to destroy what God blessed us with just to replace it with another mega mansion, advertising water-view property. To get the water view, it will mean cutting down more trees.

Jack Martins on his walk was shown only a part that was staked out, marker numbers 6-13. Where were the marker numbers 1-5, could it be they are behind the berm? Out of sight. If so, he was deceived and therefore he is introducing a bill that is deceitful. Does he still want his name connected to it?

I recently spent two weeks in Costa Rica’s rain forest. It really opened my eyes to the amazing ecology system. There is a whole life going on under the canopy of trees, each doing its own vital thing to preserve what little nature we have left.

—Jean Pierce

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