Great Neck’s Ballet Stars

Isabella Hod
Isabella Hod

The Great Neck School of Dance announces that two of its graduates have just landed contracts in premier ballet companies. Ashley Hod, age 18, signed a contract for a full-time job with the New York City Ballet; Isabella deVivo, age 18, signed a contract with the San Francisco ballet. The San Francisco Ballet, the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theater are the three premier ballet companies in the U.S.

“Both Ashley and Isabella were extremely talented, and I saw it in them when they were young,” recalled Roberta Senn, director and founder of the school. “Luckily they were both disciplined and dedicated. I remember many years ago thinking to myself that I look forward to the day when they will be professional dancers in major ballet companies. My dream for them came true and I am proud to say that our high level of training prepared them for professional careers.”

Both women graduated from the Great Neck School of Dance into the School of American Ballet (SAB) and both appeared in the New York City Ballet Nutcracker for several years. Isabella also starred as the young Chita Rivera in the Broadway show, A Dancer’s Life. Ashley is currently appearing in an online documentary on the City Ballet called City Ballet School AOL, produced by Sarah Jessica Parker. Isabella is studying to take the starring role in the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker.

Ashley just returned from Japan where the New York City Ballet was on tour, while Isabella is looking forward to Paris where the San Francisco Ballet will appear this summer. Isabella recently performed at Lincoln Center in Cinderella and Ashley will soon dance at Lincoln Center in the NY City Ballet Nutcracker. Both girls clearly have exceedingly bright futures.

“Ashley’s mom wrote a letter to me many years ago and I proudly quote her now,” says Senn. “Ashley has incredible form and is so lyrical in her dancing. I want to thank you for instilling all of this in her when she was four years old. She always talks about you and how you taught her well.”

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