Great Neck Store Closings


As much as the story is a difficult one, I was pleased to read the cover story “Is There Hope? (Jan 6–12) about how Great Neck stores are closing. I think that investigative journalism is crucial for local papers so that we learn about the genuine challenges which exist throughout our town.

The closing of stores on Middle Neck Road is a matter of concern not only for politicians and for business people, but for the clergy as well as other local civic-minded individuals and organizations.

Thank you for bringing the story to the front page.

Hopefully, aside from weekly local government sessions, we can create forums for the various organizations in Great Neck to come together for discussion about matters which affect our town. The Great Neck Record is a terrific source of information; perhaps it can also be the catalyst for inspiring some community forums to this purpose?

I am just thinking out loud here—but doing so having been motivated by the story.

Michael Klayman
Rabbi, Lake Success Jewish Center
President, Great Neck Clergy Association

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