Great Neck Resident Authors Children’s Books


Great Neck resident Robert Lipkowitz enjoyed a long career in advertising, where his clients included Canon, American Express, Microsoft, and Miura. He is also a communication and public speaking consultant. Writing under his professional name, Bob Lipp, he has authored several books on the subject, including Speaking Skills In A Digital World.

Book from the Mr. Lumpy series.

But his biggest success has come as an author. He writes both adult and children’s books, or as he puts it, books for “ages 1 to 100,” adding that they are all “completely different and cross multi-genres.”
His children’s books concern the saga of “Mr. Lumpy.” The series includes up to 11 books.
Here is a summary of his most recent publications:
The Long Road From Queens (Adventure/Romance/Family Issues)
Finding your way in life often means heading in another direction. For Bobby Parker, a hard-luck kid who grew up in a tough Queens neighborhood, the struggle to discover his purpose in the universe is just beginning. An emotional and inspirational journey filled with adventure, romance, despair, disappointment, and hope that will have you grab your heartstrings while you hold your breath, The Long Road From Queens will take you to a tomorrow filled with uncertainty.
The Book of Nussbaum: Journey Through The Portals Of The Mind (Fantasy/Supernatural/Magical Realism)

Special edition book from the
Mr. Lumpy series.

Step inside the head of Nussbaum for a journey that will take you from a difficult childhood to the emergence of one of the most exceptional people in the world. Expand your sense of imagination as you challenge conventional thinking about the powers of the mind. Navigate daydreams and delusions while being inspired by a hard-luck kid who is touched by an unknown force in the universe. The Book of Nussbaum will awaken doubts and desires and have you question your own sense of reasoning while introducing you to remarkable people whose personal stories will astound and inspire you. Throughout it all, you’ll meet a man who will surprise, stimulate and fascinate you with his story.
The Girl Who Rescues Worms (Young Adult/Inspirational)
Rebecca Lindman is a remarkable young woman who, at the age of fourteen, leaves her small Pennsylvania town to move to New York City with her parents. There, she is thrown into a world of new experiences that challenge, complicate and enrich her life as she navigates prep school, dates a billionaire’s son, starts a business, and prepares for an Ivy League education while dealing with the pain of her best friend, and helping others find a better life. A story filled with magic and emotion that will uplift and inspire you.
Mr. Lumpy. Mr. Lumpy. Why So Grumpy Mr. Lumpy? (Children)
Mr. Lumpy. Mr. Lumpy. Why So Grumpy Mr. Lumpy? presents everyday issues that affect your child with happy solutions in rhyme to make them feel better and before/after kid-tested illustrations.

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