Great Neck Professionals Create Grassroots Initiative

Destination: Great Neck’s 10 board members. Janet Nina Esagoff, Judy Liman, Michele Tabaroki, Nancy Shahverdi, Yemile Bucay, Irene Gabo, Lawrence Lin, Ilona Trokel, Arezou Tolou Hakimian and Lisa Saltzman. (Photo courtesy of Janet Esagoff)

An energized group of diverse influencers and professionals recently gathered in Great Neck on a soggy Sunday with optimistic goals. Their mission: to build enthusiasm around the historic town’s business offerings and raise awareness of the gem of the Gold Coast. The group forged committees to make Great Neck the destination of Long Island.

The gathering comprised cross sections of people from all the Villages of Great Neck.
Janet Esagoff who kickstarted this organic grass roots initiative welcomed more than 50 people via Zoom and a few people in person at her law offices on Northern Boulevard.
This campaign has garnered hundreds of enthusiastic residents who are following Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to learn about the latest town happenings through Destination: Great Neck.

Lisa Saltzman, attorney and board member of Destination: Great Neck ran the meeting with optimism about the work ahead.

“We want Great Neck to be the Destination for people to live, work and play, and we welcome the diverse groups in our community to enhance businesses and brand recognition,” Saltzman said.

Goal setting initiatives and future-looking proposals transformed into committees that are hitting the ground running to bring to life robust and progressive strategies, long sought by this North Shore community. The committees are calling upon present governing bodies to encourage expanded town evening hours, increase parking and valet services and streamline business opportunities.

The group is also matching landlords and tenants and is creating pop-up fairs with Village Governance, Town of North Hempstead cooperation and Park District encouragement.

“Everyone one wants to play in the sandbox together. The thoughts are cooperation and progressiveness,” said Lawrence Lin, the founder of the Long Island Chinese Business Association and a Destination Great Neck board member.

“The vision of Great Neck is based on nostalgia, but there has to be audacious thinking,” said social media director Michele Tabaroki who also owns the local business Confidanze & Fitness Studio. “Social Media has already jump started this invigorating collective,” The meeting was a healthy interchange that quickly produced results. Gone are the days of lagging monthly calendar appointments.

Concerned citizens and longtime residents of the town are taking charge to bring to life the community they want to live in. The sentiment is that the liveliness of the town of Great Neck affects family life, education and real estate values.

Phone calls have begun. Events are on the calendar. Permits are being sought. Landlords, businesses, government bodies and the media should get in touch to support the mission of Destination: Great Neck. Go to to learn more.

—Submitted by Destination: Great Neck

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