Great Neck North Swimming Highlights


The Great Neck North High School Varsity Swim Team had a home meet this past week against Farmingdale.

North’s past two games were not their best, so the team wanted to make a comeback. Being in the crowd before the game even started, attendees could feel the hype and intensity that the North team was giving off and could tell that the teammates wanted to pick up their first win this season.

Dominant swims by North’s Neelesh and Wellington, once again, had given the team top-place finishes in the first half of the event.

Unfortunately, the North Swim Team doesn’t have a diver, so it wasn’t able to earn the extra points Farmingdale did with its two divers.

Farmingdale’s squad had a 16-point advantage after the break, and the North side wanted to make a run. Swims by the North team with first-, third- and fifth-place finishes had provided the advantage. The North swimming team came out victorious with a 26-point lead at the end of the meet.

During the competition, spectators could tell that this team wanted to prove to the others in the conference that it is not a bust and that North can win the rest of the games this season.

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