Great Neck North Swim Team Highlights


The Great Neck North Varsity Swimming Team faced off against Jericho this past Friday, Jan. 26.

Jericho, Great Neck North and Southside of Rockville Center have been in the mix for the top spot in their conference. Each team had to win its last game to head on to divisions and, eventually, counties.

The North swim team was down 13 points before even starting the meet, because the Jericho swim team has three divers, which had them starting with three possible top finishes. Unfortunately, one of the Jericho divers took a terrible fall, which disqualified him from the meet, allowing for the 13 points.

During the first half, the Jericho squad had a 25-point advantage with incredible swims from its players, including top-place finishes in the 100-meter backstroke, the 200-meter medley and the 100-meter butterfly.

The North side had to make some adjustments on its part to put the team back in the meet. The team has done this in the second half of the meet in every race in the past and they did again, inching closer to winning.

However, the Jericho team had amazing club swimmers and the North team couldn’t make that big of a comeback to win. The Jericho swim team came out victorious in this one, with a dominant performance over Great Neck North.

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