Great Neck Library Board Of Trustees Reorganization

At the Great Neck Library Board of Trustees annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 30, outgoing members, (from left) Omer Soykan, Marianna Wohlgemuth, Robert Schaufeld, Michael Fuller and Marietta DiCamillo, were presented with certificates of recognition.

The Great Neck Library Board of Trustees held its annual reorganization on Tuesday, Jan. 30.

Certificates of recognition were presented to outgoing members of the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee.

Outgoing members of the Board of Trustees are Marietta DiCamillo, Francine Ferrante Krupski (who was not present) and Michael Fuller.
Outgoing members of the Nomi-nating Committee are Marie Franzoni (who was not present), Omer Soykan and Marianna Wohlgemuth.

Current Board of Trustees include President Robert Schaufeld, Vice-President Rebecca Miller, Secretary Weihua Yan, Treasurer Josie Pizer, Assistant Treasurer Joel Marcus and Assistant Treasurer Dr. Barry Smith. Due to an unexpected vacancy, one more trustee will be selected. Current Nominating Committee members are Howard Esterces, Donald Panetta, Patrick McDonnell and Cheng Carey Ye. One vacancy needs to be filled.

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