Great Neck Kids Take Action

Jordan (left) and Zachary (right). (Photos courtesy of FIDF)

Following the recent Operation Guardian of the Walls in Israel, two children in Great Neck decided to take action and raise money to support the wellbeing of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers. Zachary H., 12 and Jordan P. 13, along with their family and friends, coordinated a local car wash raising more than $10,000 as a donation to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF). Rabbi Levy at Beth Hadassah Synagogue in Great Neck helped mobilize much of the community to join and support the event.

“This initiative was a quick response to our emergency campaign,” FIDF Long Island Chapter Executive Director, Pninit Cole said. “It brought the community together and enabled everyone involved to unite and play a role in supporting IDF soldiers. This is a great example of solidarity and collective efforts. The world needs more Jordans and Zachs and we cannot wait to see what the two of them will do next. We at FIDF salute them.”

“As the son of a former IDF soldier, I find what is occurring in our world today incredibly heartbreaking. We need to stand up for our nation by supporting the soldiers who are risking their lives to defend our homeland,” Jordan said.

“With the rise of anti-Semitism, it’s now more important than ever to support the homeland of the Jewish people,“ Zachary said.

FIDF was established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors as a nonprofit organization with the mission of offering educational, cultural, recreational and social programs and facilities that provide hope, purpose, and life-changing support for the soldiers who protect Israel and Jews worldwide. FIDF proudly supports IDF soldiers, families of fallen soldiers and wounded veterans through a variety of innovative programs that reinforce the vital bond between the communities in the United States, the soldiers of the IDF, and the state of Israel. For more information, visit

—Submitted by FIDF

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