Great Neck Is About Tolerance And Education


Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Education plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

In Great Neck, we have one of the top school districts in our nation and we are proud of it. It is open to all religions and races and has accommodated all children and met their diverse needs. This comes from the hard work of teachers and professionals. Character can be taught at school but starts at home. The values of honesty, integrity, passion and commitment—they are bred in us as we are raised. That’s what we mean when we say education is a partnership with both school and home.

I have known Nik Kron for more than 20 years and have always known him to be a committed, honest individual who has clear lines in choosing the correct path. His mission here is to help our Great Neck Public Schools be the best that they can be. He has children in the school district and has had the experience of being a parent at parent-teacher conferences for more than 11 years. He’s attended science fairs, school events and concerts, as well as all the sporting events his kids are involved in—he’s had years of experience. His wife, Vivian, my dear friend, has volunteered for all the PTOs in her children’s elementary, middle and high schools. If the cause is deserving, Vivian and Nik are the first to volunteer and wholeheartedly commit. I have observed him attend Midnight Runs until 2 a.m. with their children’s high school club to ensure they learn about care and compassion of the homeless. He has always championed the causes of all children and sought the best situation, no matter how hard it was to achieve. He is not biased—Nik is open, nonjudgmental and fair. His strength of character, warmth and approachability combined with his knowledge, excellence in communication and ability as a negotiator and community liaison make him my first choice as a member of the BOE.

I have watched our community speculate why the bond didn’t pass. They point fingers—that those who don’t attend public school can’t possibly care for it, or vote on its behalf as their children don’t attend. Actually, it’s quite the opposite—education has always been my motto as a social worker for more than 26 years in Maternal Child Health. Championing the cause of children is my passion. We have to be role models for our children—when there is confusion, we should have dialogue. Where there is a question, it’s time to discuss and explain—it takes character to hold a conversation and explain. I am saddened to have seen our community justify its finger pointing, community bashing and stereotyping when, in fact, there are more issues at hand. We can’t create divide every time we come to a crossroad.

I ask Great Neck to support Nikolas Kron for trustee as he has shown the strength of character and knows what needs to be done. His track record and his sincerity is proven and known. His family is well respected as they demand character and integrity of their children and all those around them. Vote for Nik who is a resident of Great Neck and has experienced the school system, our town and community efforts for more than 17 years. He walks the walk straight and sure. That is something we can all learn from him. I ask all of us to encourage our children that where there is divide, we will build bridges. Great Neck is about tolerance and education and we expect nothing less from our parent body!

—Ruth Gabay


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