Great Neck Chinese Association Voters’ Guide


By Carey Cheng Ye

The Great Neck Chinese Association compiled this helpful guide in both English and Chinese.

NYS Fourth Congressional District


The US State of New York currently comprises 27 Congressional Districts. Each district has one Representative.[2] NYS 4th Congressional District includes the communities of:

Baldwin – Bellmore – Carle Place Cedarhurst – East Meadow – East Rockaway – Elmont Floral Park Franklin Square – Freeport – Garden City – Garden City Park – Hempstead – Hewlett – Hewlett Bay Park – Hewlett Harbor – Hewlett Neck – Lakeview – Lawrence – Levittown Lido Beach – Long Beach – Lynbrook Malverne – Merrick – Mineola – New Hyde Park – North Bellmore – North Merrick – Oceanside – Point Lookout – Rockville Centre Roosevelt – South Hempstead – Stewart Manor – Uniondale – Valley Stream – Wantagh – West Hempstead – Westbury – Westbury South – Woodmere and Woodsburgh.



Baldwin – Bellmore – Carle Place Cedarhurst – East Meadow – East Rockaway – Elmont Floral Park Franklin Square – Freeport – Garden City – Garden City Park – Hempstead – Hewlett – Hewlett Bay Park – Hewlett Harbor – Hewlett Neck – Lakeview – Lawrence – Levittown Lido Beach – Long Beach – Lynbrook Malverne – Merrick – Mineola – New Hyde Park – North Bellmore – North Merrick – Oceanside – Point Lookout – Rockville Centre Roosevelt – South Hempstead – Stewart Manor – Uniondale – Valley Stream – Wantagh – West Hempstead – Westbury – Westbury South – Woodmere and Woodsburgh.

Kathleen M Rice (D) Vs. David Gurfien (R)

Kathleen M. Rice
Kathleen M. Rice

Kathleen M Rice

Kathleen M Rice (D- Garden City) is the incumbent reprensentative for NYS 4th Congressional District challenged by David Gurfein (R),

目前纽约州国会第四选区代表是Kathleen M Rice,是来自民主党派的代表。与此同时,David Gurfein作为共和党的代表和她展开此任的竞选。

David Gurfein
David Gurfein

David Gurfein

David Gurfein (R) was born and raised on Long Island. He went to Great Neck South HS, Syracuse Universality and Harvard MBA. Gurfein departed for U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp before high school graduation.

来自民主党的代表David Gurfein (R) 是土生土长的长岛人。从大颈南校高中毕业,然后去过雪城大学,以及哈佛的工商管理硕士。在高中毕业前还曾经参加美国海军营集训。

NYS Seventh Senate District

The New York State Senate is the upper house of the New York State Legislature. The Senate meets at the State Capitol in Albany. 63 Members serve in the State Senate. Each member represents an average of 312,550 residents, as of the 2010 Census.[1]


Adam Haber (D) Vs. Elaine Phillips (R)

Adam Haber
Adam Haber

Adam Haber

Adam is a successful businessman, a local school board member, a father, husband, and a concerned member of Nassau County. Adam recognizes that Albany is simply not doing enough for Long Island – our property taxes are some of the highest in the nation while corruption continues to run rampant and many of our schools remain underfunded.




Nassau Taxpayers need Relief——Nassau郡需要减税

Unreasonably high tax rates continue to burden Nassau families. That’s why Adam Haber adamantly supports tax relief measures like the Property Tax Cap, and will oppose any and all future tax increases.

Using the skills and knowledge he has gained in the private sector, Adam will tirelessly work to keep tax rates low, reduce waste and inefficiency in government, and keep our hard earned money in the pockets of Nassau taxpayers.

Ending an Era of Corruption——腐败问题需要引起重视

Between the scandals, special interests, backroom dealings, and kickbacks, it’s easy to see why New Yorkers are disgusted with Albany and with many politicians right here on Long Island. It’s time to say enough is enough, and that’s why Adam Haber is committed to putting an end to Albany’s culture of corruption. Adam is a firm supporter of ethics reform measures from forcing convicted politicians to give up their pensions to closing the LLC loophole that allows special interests to run rampant.

If elected, Adam will fight for government transparency, accountability, and the representation we deserve.

Improving our School System——学校教育系统需要改善更新

For Adam Haber, the importance of education is clear. While serving as a member of the Roslyn school board, Adam turned a failing school system into a place where students are given the tools and resources they need to succeed. Adam is an outspoken advocate for reforming the Common Core, which has unfairly burdened schools, teachers, and students across the state.

If elected, Adam will continue working for the expansion of athletics, arts, and after-school programs, and the development of a public education system that provides our children all the necessary tools for success.

Preserving Our State——我们的纽约州环境需要保护

As an impassioned advocate for environmental protection and sustainability, Adam Haber is committed to protecting New York’s natural beauty and keeping the air we breathe and the water we drink safe for all.

From driving an electric car, to converting a school bus fleet to clean burning propane, Adam has been unwavering in his pursuit of policy that preserves New York’s environment, and keeps Long Island beautiful.

Republican Elaine Phillips
Republican Elaine Phillips

Elaine Phillips


Elaine is a mother, wife, and currently mayor of Flower Hill. She has working experience in different positions before she is involved in public affairs.

来自共和党的代表Elaine Phillips是一位母亲,妻子,也是现任的Flower Hill的市长。在担任公共事务之前,她有在华尔街不同金融部门任职的经历。

Under Elaine’s leadership, the Village corrected serious deficiencies and tax issues identified in the 2008-2009 audit conducted by the New York State Comptroller and has had 4 consecutive years of decreasing tax rates, a rarity these days. She rewrote the Village’s ethics policy, created an Ethics Board for the village, spearheaded transparency efforts in the village with all public documents available on its website, developed a multi-year strategic plan, and instituted a General Fund policy. As Mayor, Elaine has appointed trustees to the Village Board without regard to party affiliation to ensure that the Village is governed by the most capable and committed public servants.



NYS 16th Assembly District

The New York State Assembly is the lower house of the New York State Legislature. It meets at the State Capitol in Albany.

The Assembly is composed of 150 members representing an equal amount of districts. Each member represents an average of 129,187 residents, as of the 2010 Census.[1] After the 2000 Census, each member represented approximately 126,510 residents.[2] Assembly members serve two-year terms without term limits.[3]

Michelle Schimel announced on Jan. 7 she would not seek reelection.

She was first elected to the state Assembly in March 2007 after defeating Republican Ryan DeCicco in a special election, receiving 86 percent of the votes.

Schimel replaced Thomas DiNapoli, who the state Legislature selected as state Comptroller that year.

Tony D’Urso (D) Vs. Matthew Varvano (R)

Tony D’Urso
Tony D’Urso

Tony D’Urso

D’Urso served as North Hempstead Town Councilman from 1991 through 2005. Prior to that, he worked as assistant commissioner of New York City’s Division of Architecture Engineering and Construction for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

D’Urso said serving the public has always been his goal in life, even when he was a teenager still living in Italy.

“When I was growing up and I looked at some of the people, whether it was the teachers or nuns or priests or the mayor, and I looked up to them and I said ‘I wish one day I could be in the position where I could help people,’” he said. “I know the government is a force for the good and can still help people.”

Improve Education

If elected, he said, he wanted to improve education in the district and get schools the money they need to succeed.

“I don’t know if the state of New York is doing enough to pay their share of allocations to the school districts,” D’Urso said. “I would advocate for money for the schools.”

Tax Relief for taxpayers without school age children

He also said he wanted to find ways to give some relief to taxpayer who do not have children going to school.

“There has to be some way to make it a little less painful,” D’Urso said. “Every problem cannot just be solved with money but I want to see how best we can give relief to taxpayers in school districts.”

Advocate Environment and Protect Resources

He also said he was an advocate for the environment and wanted to protect Long Island’s resources, specifically saltwater intrusion in the water supply.


Matthew Varvaro
Matthew Varvaro

Matthew Varvaro

Matt Varvaro is a lifelong resident of Long Island with a passion for public service. Matt attended Port Washington public schools and was active in the community, playing PYA baseball and working as a local camp counselor. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University, Matt served as an aide to Governor George Pataki and Councilwoman Dina De Giorgio.

Matt is running for State Assembly because Albany politics are fundamentally broken and in serious need of reform. Long Islanders deserve a government that works for them, not the other way around.

When Matt gets to Albany, he will advance comprehensive ethics reform so that we can finally end corruption in government. He will also promote innovative ways to grow our economy and create jobs, lower the cost of living and doing business on Long Island, improve our public schools, and protect Long Island’s magnificent natural resources.


It seems like you can’t pick up a newspaper on Long Island without some mention of public corruption sprawled across the front page. Simply put, the corruption needs to end. We need ethics reform now.

Make no mistake about it: Corruption is a bipartisan problem that deserves a bipartisan solution.

When Matt gets to Albany, he will introduce comprehensive ethics reform that includes:

Term limits.

An oversight board with teeth.

An overhaul of the broken state contract and grant process.

Tougher penalties for corrupt politicians.

More government transparency.

The Economy

The last decade has seen prolonged economic stagnation here on Long Island. Empty storefronts have become an all-too-common sight.

Unfortunately, we live in one of the highest-taxed areas of America’s highest-taxed state. New York’s burdensome tax and regulatory codes put an enormous strain on those who want to start a family or small business on Long Island. As a result, many are leaving New York for states with better and more affordable economic climates.

When Matt gets to Albany, he will promote an economic agenda that includes:

Comprehensive tax reform with lower rates and fewer loopholes.

Making the property tax cap permanent.

Reducing burdensome and unnecessary regulations.


Having attended Port Washington public schools, Matt knows how exceptional our school system is. However, given the quality of parents, students, and teachers in our community, our goal should be to make Long Island schools the best in the world.

Our 21st-century information economy puts a premium on skills, knowledge, and creativity. The single most valuable asset that an individual can have in this economy is a quality education.

When Matt gets to Albany, he will work to improve the quality of education by:

Reforming Common Core.

Promoting technology in the classroom.

Enacting common-sense tenure and compensation reform.

Stopping the raid of Long Island school funds.

Making college more affordable.

The Environment

Long Island has been blessed with some of the country’s most stunning shorelines and precious natural resources. We should do everything in our power to protect the wonderful environment in which we live.

From chemical plumes that threaten our drinking water to the real threats that climate change pose to our shorelines, protecting our environment has never been more important than it is today.

When Matt gets to Albany, he will work to:

Protect our waterways from nitrogen pollution.

Prevent saltwater intrusion into our groundwater.

Clean our waterways and restore wildlife habitats.

Mitigate the effects of climate change through investments in alternative energy.

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