Grace Avenue Tailor Retires After 46 Years

John Cinciripini (left) is commended by Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso.

After 46 years as proprietor of his tailor shop at 1 Grace Ave., John Cinciripini, 83, will be retiring at the end of the month.

The tailor is grateful for the time he’s spent in Great Neck and for all of the people who he’s gotten to know over the years.

“I’ve been in this town for 46 years,” said Cinciripini. “I worked hard, day and night, all those years while my wife was raising the family. I’ve been really happy working in Great Neck. The people have been very nice to me and I made a lot of friends.”

Cinciripini learned the trade at just 12 years old when he began his apprenticeship in Italy. At 23, he emigrated from Italy to the United States. He initially worked at a shop in Hempstead for a few years before opening his own business in Great Neck Plaza nearly five decades ago.

The longtime tailor was recognized by Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso, also an Italian immigrant, for his contribution to the community.

“It was an honor to recognize an individual who has contributed so much to the Great Neck community,” said D’Urso. “I enjoyed connecting with Mr. Cinciripini over our shared Italian heritage.”

Cinciripini and his wife, Paola, who currently reside in Franklin Square, raised three daughters and a son. Grace and Denise are both doctors; Daniel is a mechanic; and Nancy passed away on July 5 in South Carolina, following an illness. The couple also has a granddaughter and grandson.

The Cinciripini children and grandchildren live across the country in Seattle, so the soon-to-be retiree hopes to see them more often once the shop is closed.

“I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Cinciripini. “I am happy and sad also. I am happy, because maybe I’ll have a chance to spend more time with my family. But, I am sad that I have to leave my job. I’m very grateful and thankful to my customers. Some of them have been with me for 30 or 40 years. They are very good friends.”

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