Got Potholes? Report Them


potholeAfter the freezing temperatures and snow left our area with a huge amount of potholes, Nassau County officials are reminding residents that any road issues including potholes, should be reported to the Nassau County Department of Highways at 516-571-6900 or through the Nassau Now mobile application.

Pothole repairs are made within 24 hours of being reported by residents. In addition, County employees are patrol County roadways to locate and address any issues caused by the winter weather. 

The Nassau Now app will enable a photograph to be taken of the area and sent to the Highway Department with the GPS location.

Potholes form because asphalt road surfaces eventually crack under the heat of the day.

These cracks allow snow and rain water to seep into the underlying dirt and gravel.  This water freezes and expands. Some of the dirt and gravel is pushed out as a result, leaving a hole when the water eventually melts.

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