Good Teachers Make A Lasting Impression


During Teacher Appreciation Week, I just wanted to thank Ms. Martha Cohen, my kindergarten teacher at the Parkville School in Great Neck many years ago, for inspiring me and encouraging me at the young age of 5.I have so many fond memories of kindergarten because of how we learned from you. It was so much fun learning to count to 10 in different languages as well as yoga with Emil [from the grandpa volunteer program].

You taught us to respect and appreciate everyone’s similarities and differences. I remember dancing to songs from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and greats like Aretha.

You shared your creativity in so many different ways. You set me on a course that put me in the place I am today.

Today, I am a preschool special-education teacher. I volunteer in animal rescue and welfare and I also donate time to our veterans. I have an eclectic love for all kinds of music and appreciate the beauty that each living being has.

Thank you for being someone who set the foundation for the kind of teacher I came to be—and thank you for the memories!!!

—Joanne Contegiacomo

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