GNPS District Retirees Recognized

Great Neck Public School retirees were recognized by the Board of Education and the district’s professional associations. (Photo by Irwin Mendlinger)

The Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education and professional associations representing teachers, administrators and civil-service staff recognized 36 district employees who retired during the 2016–17 school year.

Retiring principals were Susan Elliott (South High), Phyllis Feldman (Lakeville) and Bernard Kaplan (North High).

Retiring teachers included Karen Cantor (South High), Rhona Jones (Parkville), Barbara Kiprik (Cumberland), Debbie Morris (Parkville), Jodi Rauch (South Middle), Neil Saggerson (North High), Helene Scharf (Kennedy) and Marie van Nieuwenhuizen (North High).

Agnes Buckley, confidential and secretary to the Board of Education, retired from the superintendent’s office.

Retiring from office staff were Anita Femia (Lakeville), Roseann Imperato (South High), Judith Kalinowski (Lakeville), Barbara Parker (Phipps), Phyllis Riskin (North High), Jessica Vega (Cumberland) and Carol Young (South High).

Retiring paraprofessionals were Vivian DeMartino (North High), Maria DiCarlo (Parkville), Susan Feierstein (South High), Margery Frost (Saddle Rock), Edith Gontarek (Parkville), Margaret Hackett (South High), Bernarda Mordachini (Saddle Rock), Eileen Owens (Parkville), Patricia Scida (South Middle) and Rose Tome-Buffone (North High).

Retiring from Buildings & Grounds were Dominic Ambrosio (district-wide), Michael Binda (Clover Drive), Randy Brauer (district-wide), James Gumm (Baker), Stephen Hutter (district-wide), Louis Papasodero (South High) and Vincent Rosati (district-wide).

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