GN Plaza Board Of Trustees To Hold TEP Meeting


TEPMeeting_Feb3.AThe Village of Great Neck Plaza Board of Trustees will hold a Public Information Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 8 p.m. at Village Hall to discuss the preliminary engineering design plans for the Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) for the Shoreward Drive/Welwyn Road Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enhancements project.

The purpose of this meeting is to obtain input and comments on the proposal from residents, property owners, businesses, officials and other interested parties. The village is specifically soliciting comments on the development of a Preferred Design Alternative for the project. This public information meeting is part of a continuing effort by the Village of Great Neck Plaza, New York State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to encourage public input regarding the design and implementation of federally aided local transportation improvement projects.

In January 2014, the village secured grant funds of $838,000 to upgrade this area of Great Neck Plaza’s downtown from the New York State Department of Transportation through TEP.

“We’re pleased to have been awarded this TEP grant, which will assist us in rehabilitating and enhancing this busy area of the village,” said Mayor Celender. “For the past 15 years, the village has been proactive in developing areas of the plaza through our comprehensive transportation improvement program. This infrastructure project will greatly enhance the cultural and historic aspects of this area of the village by improving overall aesthetics, providing new streetscape enhancements, while also serving to increase safety at night for pedestrians and bicyclists that utilize this corridor link adjacent to the historic Great Neck train station and the main U.S. Post Office.”

The proposed project will reconfigure the roadways of Shoreward Drive and Welwyn Road, as well as add safety features through enhancements to pedestrian crossings by making them more visible to motorists. Raised medians and shoulder area curb extensions, similar to other locations improved throughout the village, will also be part of the proposed plans. The project calls for new brick walkways consistent with the village’s standard in the downtown commercial district. Using innovative design concepts, such as raised crosswalks and “sharrow” (shared lane markings), this project will promote pedestrian and bicycle activity and improve safety. All of the proposed project improvements are in conformance with the Village of Great Neck Plaza’s Complete Streets Policy Guide, which was adopted by the board in 2012.

“We would like to thank Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation, our state representatives, State Senator Jack Martins and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, the Plaza’s Business Improvement District (BID), Great Neck Chamber of Commerce and others from the community who supported our grant application,” said Celender. “We strive to continue making investments in our infrastructure by leveraging our capital expenditures for these important improvements with state grants to assist our local government in maintaining a strong, vibrant business environment, job growth, transportation services and enhanced quality of life.”

The village anticipates the following approximate project schedule: final design in spring 2016, bid letting in late summer 2016 and construction starting in late fall 2016. For more information, contact Village Hall at 516-482-4500 or email Brian Hetey, mayor’s assistant, at mayorsassistant

Submitted by the Village of Great Neck Plaza

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