Free Children’s Rights Seminar At GN Synagogue


SynagogueSeminar_110916.ARebecca Sassouni, Esq., will be hosting Advocating and Knowing Your Children’s Rights in All School Settings at Ahavat Shalom Synagogue, 130 Cutter Mill Rd. in Great Neck, on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at 7:30 p.m. An attorney and mediator who represents students in public, private, college and graduate settings, Sassouni will address ways parents can advocate on their children’s behalf to help ensure their well-being.

Students and families face extraordinary pressures in today’s world and even in the best public or private schools, children’s education is not automatically one size fits all. Many students require a more tailored approach and need their parents and/or attorneys to advocate for them. This may involve a range of issues that require strategy and advocacy, including the need for classification in order to receive accommodations and services. In other instances, disciplinary, probationary and suspension-related issues may arise.

This free event is open to the entire community and light refreshments will be served. Sassouni will also answer questions in both English and Farsi. For more information,

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