Frank Cilluffo Can Handle The Job


I hope everyone who loves our parks will vote on Dec. 13 for Frank Cilluffo’s reelection as a park commissioner. Maybe no one wants to think of another election right now, but it is really the local elections that have the most impact on us.

Frank has only been in office for two years because he was voted to take over the vacancy left when Ruth Tamarin resigned. In this short time, it is already clear that Commissioner Cilluffo is not only dedicated to our parks, but he seems to work tirelessly to learn the ropes. We are so lucky to have such a fine system of parks, but our park district is really big business these days. Just running the parks is a full-time job; learning about all the things that are needed to make things go so smoothly is a job requiring 24/7 attention. Lucky for us, Commissioner Cilluffo seems to have just the right commitment and energy for learning the ropes. He has implemented new ideas, programs and events. He has been tireless in trying to find out what makes our parks run smoothly. People who don’t know the volume of work the park commissioners do maybe think that someone can just walk in and do the job. But that isn’t so. Just think of all the complications it must involve just to run all the Parkwood rink and pool programs, not to mention all the knowledge it takes to run the marina, the camp, the summer concerts and the outdoor fields.

Now that Frank has shown he can handle the job, he should be reelected to a full term of his own so he can carry on the work we need all the commissioners to do for us.

—Regina Reis

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