Former GN Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing


DeborahGuilty_122315.ADeborah Tangredi, 53, stole approximately $467,000 from her Great Neck and Mineola employers between 2009 and 2014. On Dec. 15, she pleaded guilty to these crimes, according to Acting Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas.

According to the DA’s office, the Floral Park woman pleaded guilty to second-degree grand larceny and two counts of third-degree grand larceny. Tangredi is due back in court on Feb. 24 and is expected to be sentenced to one year in prison. The defendant was also expected to pay $405,000 in restitution to her first employer on Dec. 18. The employer’s insurer has paid $25,000 and the balance of $24,500 will be paid from Tangredi’s bail once the bail is exonerated. The defendant has repaid her second employer approximately $17,000.

Acting DA Singas said that Tangredi was employed by a Great Neck mortgage lender and Realtor as an administrative assistant and bookkeeper for 17 years. Upon closing both businesses in November 2013, Tangredi’s employer began an audit going back to 2012. The employer obtained bank records and discovered that checks had been made from company bank accounts to pay Tangredi’s personal car loan, American Express and Citi Card accounts.

To conceal the theft, Tangredi altered the check register to reflect the name of the payee as someone her employers’ companies would do business with. After a subsequent investigation by the DA’s office going back to 2009, it was discovered that Tangredi altered more than 100 checks and stole approximately $450,000. DA investigators also revealed that Tangredi altered checks written from her employer’s business accounts to pay off her home equity line of credit.

As a result of the investigation, it was discovered that Tangredi had deposited checks from her new employer, a law firm in Mineola. Tangredi stole approximately $17,000 from her new employer by forging signatures on checks, changing the name of the payee in the company’s ledger and altering her employer’s bank statements.

“The defendant was a trusted employee who systematically stole approximately $467,000 from her employers by writing herself checks from company bank accounts,” Acting DA Singas said. “Small businesses are an integral part of our local economy and should never have to worry about their staffers lining their pockets with company money.”

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