For Schneiderman and Katz


As an immigrant, I really respect the democratic process in America, and as someone with an engineering background, I believe in the classic theory that says “if it is not broken don’t fix it.”

I have great admiration for the village government of Great Neck Plaza. To me they are a model. Take a look at the roads, facilities, magnificent and well-planned buildings, caring and involved village hall, etc. No wonder  people want to live in the Plaza and invest in the Plaza.

I have attended their trustee meetings numerous times to observe their handling of the new stores and permit applications, as well as new building projects hearings. They have always impressed me with their efficiency, objectivity, detailed analysis, toughness, involvement and above all, being pro business and development.

They meet twice a month, which is extremely helpful in expediting the applications and they are tough and objective when they don’t see a store or a development project that can benefit the village. I have personal experience. I had a project denied because of density and traffic issues, and I had a project approved at a much smaller scope than originally applied for. Later on, I realized that they were correct in their analysis.

As a landlord, I truly  appreciate their building department’s oversight of the buildings maintenance in terms of compliance with the fire and safety annual inspections. The Plaza building department also has a reputation among homeowners and developers as being the toughest and most strict in terms of code compliance, but helpful in sharing their expertise in construction methods and moving the project to a timely conclusion.

I don’t know about the qualifications and the experiences of the candidates running against trustees Gerry Schneiderman and Lawrence Katz and respect those who volunteer to serve their community , but I reiterate my prior point: why fix it when it is not broken?

Katz brings in his expertise from serving on the Board of Zoning and Appeals. Schneiderman brings service to the community. Talk about qualification: any moment. WENDY PLEASE CLARIFY

I asked Gerry the number of store vacancies, types of pending applications, the business trends in downtown, and the reason for success and or failures of the stores, he had the facts and figures.

Talk about dedication: Schneiderman was present at every new stores’ grand opening in the Plaza that I attended. No matter time of the day.

Although I express my opinion only and not the organizations that I serve, I have no doubt that Schneiderman and Katz’s constituents share my opinion that the choice is clear and they deserve re-election.

Hooshang Nematzadeh, president, Great Neck Chamber of Commerce and trustee, Village of Kings Point

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