Finding Cleveland at Community Church of Great Neck



finding-clevelandThe filmmakers of the award-winning documentary Finding Cleveland will perform dramatic music before the screening at the Community Church of Great Neck on Jan. 21 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

The short film follows the emotional journey of the Chiu family traveling to Cleveland, MS, to visit the grave of Charle’s father, K.C. Lou. In less than 48 hours, this unsuspecting Chinese-American family experiences some miraculous encounters, gains insight about how the Chinese people lived and survived in the segregated South, despite the Chinese Exclusion Act put forth by the United States government.

Even though the film focuses on the story of the Chinese in the early- to mid-1900s, many of the issues facing immigrants and the Chinese still exist today, making this film even more relevant for advocacy groups.

Local chapters of national organizations, Chinese Americans–Long Island (OCA-LI) and Families with Children from China–Long Island (FCC-LI), will be represented, and serve as cosponsors of the event. Both groups will offer information about what they do. Ten-X, the online real estate company, is also a cosponsor.

Enjoy a fun filled two hours of live musical, true testimonies, the documentary and an audience question-and-answer period with the two filmmakers. There will be opportunities to network and refreshments will be available.

The Community Church of Great Neck is located at 2 Stoner Ave. All are welcome to attend.

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