Equality, Once And For All


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  1. while well intentioned, the author repeats the mantra of the groups that are trying to sell the idea that women are down trodden and victimized and treated unfairly. in some cases they are but in a majority of cases, they are not. Just look at the Great Neck school district, what is the percentage of women teachers versus men teachers? its overwhelmingly women. in law enforcement, professional firefighting, construction, and many other professions, separate and lower standards are applied to women to favor them in the hiring practice, and in many cases, endangering the safety of the public.
    but what is equal pay for equal work? are all teachers the same in quality? office assistants? executives? and any other profession? of course not and there are groups trying to sell that idea as fact, its not.
    the education system with its heavy representation of women, has tried to eliminate competition, award medals and trophies not for excellence and hard work, but participation. and that has ended up in too many cases, of
    The idea that there is harassment of women at work places, schools is true and should be eliminated, that is a excellent point. that is where I believe the efforts of society to protect women and girls should be focused.

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