Election Time Letters


For several weeks in a row, just prior to the March and June village elections, the Great Neck Record publishes the Great Neck Record policy regarding election time letters to the editor. At this time, with the upcoming June 16 village elections including contested elections in the Village of Great Neck, we are using this space to once again highlight our policy.

To be considered for publication, letters should be limited to 300 words tops. Letters longer than this most likely will not be used.

In the last issue before an election, only letters expressing support for candidates will be accepted. Letters that would require a response from a candidate will not be used in the last issue before an election.

Generally speaking, letters from candidates will not be printed. And any letter containing false information, or fabrications will not be accepted. If any letter contains specific statistics or numbers, that letter must be accompanied by official documentation.

Letters are to be emailed to:

—Wendy K. Kreitzman 

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