Elect Rebecca Sassouni


I write to lend my voice to the chorus of support on behalf of Rebecca Sassouni’s candidacy for the Great Neck Board of Education. I have been privileged to know Rebecca for more than 15 years, and all of us who reside in the Great Neck school district should count ourselves fortunate that she has stepped forward to run in this critical election. Rebecca is a zealous advocate for students and parents, yet she is also a patient listener who will carefully consider every issue with which she is confronted. Rebecca is likewise a tireless worker with a proven commitment to service to this community. In and of themselves, these qualities would be sufficient for Rebecca to have earned my vote, but it is her education-related experience that makes her a perfect fit for the Board of Education.

Rebecca is currently one of three parent members on the Board of Education’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee. She is also an officer of the United Parent-Teacher Council—the umbrella parent teacher organization for the school district—where she is the chairperson of the Legislative Committee and the parent cochair person of the North High School Shared Decision Making Committee. Rebecca has been an officer and board member of Temple Israel of Great Neck and she is currently serving her third year as a board member of the Schechter Schools of Long Island. Professionally, Rebecca is an attorney who practices in the area of education law. Personally, she is a mother of four children (two of whom are graduates of Great Neck North High School). There is more that could be brandished from Rebecca’s phone-book-thick résumé, but suffice it to say that seldom does a candidate seek elected office with a record and background so ideally matched to the position she seeks.

If you believe as do I that the interests of the taxpayers and students of the Great Neck school district are best served by electing the most well-qualified and dedicated candidates, then please join me in voting for Rebecca Sassouni for the Great Neck Board of Education on May 16. We deserve nothing less.

Darren Kaplan

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