Eighth-Grade Residency Reverification


The annual process of residency reverification for all students who attend Great Neck Public Schools and will be entering ninth-grade in September 2018 is currently underway.
The collected documentation will assist in assembling students’ records for high school, and will verify that all students who enter the district high schools are residents of the district and entitled to attend.

Parents/legal guardians of all current eighth-grade students were recently sent a mailing that explains the documentation required and the method for submission. Additional information may be obtained through the child’s middle school by calling 516-441-4500 for North Middle or 516-441-4600 for South Middle, or by visiting www.greatneck.k12.ny.us/gnps/pages/reverification.htm.

Reverification must be completed before a current eighth-grade student will be admitted to high school. All families with a current eighth-grader are urged to submit the required documents before Thursday, Feb. 15.

The Board of Education considers residency an important component in confronting the district’s fiscal challenges. Reverification is one tool that ensures every child who is being educated in the district’s schools is entitled to that education.

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