Editorial: Statues Of Limitations


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  1. its so sad that the writer does not get the idea that because “some” find honoring someone objectionable, it should not be done. there is not one person anywhere that does not have one part of their past that can e questioned. JFK was Catholic, and his history of conquests of women hardly makes him above reproach. But many laud him for the good he did and that should be allowed. those that feel he is not up to the standards they want, can simply ignore a statue, a school naming, etc. each and every religion has periods of its history that are less than perfect. should those religions not be honored? in short, you cannot look at and treat our past based upon todays politically correct view points which become more restrictive and intolerant almost daily. tolerance of others opinions and the respect to allow them to have and express those opinions, even if you disagree with it, is why this country became the beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world.

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