DWI Great Neck 2014


lightsAs they have for decades, the police departments in Great Neck work together to protect everyone in Great Neck, through teamwork. As part of a joint effort with the Nassau County Traffic Safety STOP DWI Program with a grant from the New York State, drunk and drugged driving are to be the focal point of the July 4th holiday week. Our “community” participation in the statewide enforcement effort keeps our roadways safer and continues to remind the public of the serious consequences associated with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Although there are limits or thresholds for the blood level of alcohol that needs to be reached before a person is “above the limit,” any amount of prescription, over the counter or illegal drugs that can impair your judgment, motor coordination, cause drowsiness or otherwise negatively affect your driving may be illegal and hold you, the driver, and possibly the vehicle owner responsible for any and all criminal and civil legal consequences. “I didn’t know” is not cause for excuse from the responsibilities associated with driving… you must be right! Consult with your doctor and read the label before driving while taking medication. Plan ahead, designate a sober driver. Your children are “molded in your image”! Share your plans with them, so they too will plan ahead as they grow up. They grow up faster than you think!

During this enforcement special attention will also be paid to those that are texting while driving, using the cell phone and children without seat belts.

From rhe police departments that serve the Great Neck peninsula, Great Neck Estates, Kensington, Lake Success and Kings Point: Have a safe July 4th holiday.

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