Drivers, Walkers Need To Be More Careful


We were reminded the other day, in observing another close encounter between a car and a pedestrian, that those who are driving and those who are walking have to be a lot more careful and much more considerate of each other.

And drivers have to be a lot more considerate of each other, too.

For example, take what still goes on in the Welwyn Road area near the main branch of the post office and the Shop Delight market.

The owners of Shop Delight pay the Park District over $5,000 a year to establish convenient free parking in the lot across the street and Great Neck Plaza has taken steps to improve pedestrian safety in the area with signs and a designated crosswalk.

There’s been some improvement there, but problems still remain. Drivers, who have had well over a year to learn of the free parking arrangement, still selfishly insist on double-parking in front of the store, creating jams, backups and hazardous conditions for pedestrians.

Pedestrians still insist on avoiding the crosswalk and crossing wherever they find it to be convenient.

The situation in the Waldbaum’s parking lot is also problematic. Too many cars there tend to go too fast and too many drivers are placing their cars in the traffic lanes blocking sight lines and causing backups.

We don’t want to leave out the area surrounding the railroad
station when it comes to safety concerns either.

So, drivers and pedestrians, please be more careful and show more consideration.

Andy Newman

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