Donna Peirez To Run For School Board

Donna Peirez
Donna Peirez

My name is Donna Peirez and as a 47-year resident of Great Neck, I am proud to submit my name as a candidate for the open seat on the Board of Education. I believe that my experiences in Great Neck make me a unique person to fill the seat.

As a community member, I have served on the United Community Fund, Great Neck Student Aid, have been a member of the Temple Beth-El congregation and have been a volunteer at Great Neck Community School.

My husband, Bill, and I have three children who attended Kensington. I was actively involved in the PTAs of all of those schools and became PTA president of Johnson, E.M. Baker, GNN Middle and GNN High Schools. In addition, I was an original member of the district’s Shared Decision Making (SDM) committee, which formulated our district document as mandated by the NY State Department of Education. I was also active in United Parent Teachers Council (UPTC) as chair of the Budget, Legislative, Health and Safety and Transportation Committees. I ended my service to the parent community as chair of UPTC.

This past June, I concluded a 28-year career as an educator at Lakeville Elementary School, where I served in many leadership positions involving curriculum, classroom initiatives and assisting my colleagues.

At this time, I have been appointed to serve on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the Board of Education as a non-parent community member.

I understand the fine balance that must exist in order to remain fiscally responsible and yet maintain the high caliber of education that we afford the students in Great Neck. In addition, I am intimately aware of the changing demographics in the community and the need to remain inclusive as well as meet the needs of our constituents.

It is my hope that I will have the opportunity to serve all of the community as a member of the BOE.

—Submitted by Donna Peirez 

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