Diversity Embraced At Workshop For Teen Girls

Embracing Diversity Workshop participants included students ages 12 to 17 from varied faith communities throughout North Hempstead.

The Embracing Diversity Workshop, hosted by the Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore (RSNS), offered teenage girls an interactive, creative learning environment, where they could share their stories and explore important life issues with peers from different religious, ethnic, cultural and racial backgrounds.

Specifically designed to empower and educate the young girls, the workshop encouraged participants to look beyond current perspectives and challenging experiences to deepen understanding, break down barriers, build community and transform lives. As they embraced their leadership gifts, knowledge and confidence, they recognized their unique value and personal power to be agents for change in their communities and the world.

“Each individual added depth to the challenging discussion of living in America today,” said RSNS’s Rabbi Jodie Siff, reflecting on the event. “We look forward to continuing this important dialogue.”

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