District Recognizes Retirees

Great Neck Public Schools retirees were recognized by the Board of Education and the district’s professional associations. (Photo by Irwin Mendlinger)

The Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education and professional associations representing teachers, administrators and civil service staff recognized 63 district employees who retired during the 2017–18 school year.

Principals retiring are Sharon Fougner, E.M. Baker; Debra Shalom, Parkville; and Dr. James Welsch, South Middle.

Retiring teachers include John Amato, North Middle; Kathleen Andrews, North Middle; Hedda Blitz, North Middle; Michelle Boone, North High; Beth Cahn, South Middle; Maura Carroll, North Middle; Margo Christofer, North Middle; Gary Cohen, North High; Iris DeFilippo, North Middle; Richard Ehrlich, South High; Arlene Gerber, South Middle; Wendy Gerstein, South Middle; Ellen Goltzer, South Middle; Lynda Good, South High; Amy Kaplan, South Middle; Amalie Kempton, Kennedy; Diane Levine, Lakeville; Merryl Mandler, North High; Debra Manoff, North Middle; Susanne Marcus, North High; Judith McClellan, South High; Carol Nesdill, South High; Michele Parker, North Middle; Sandi Rosenzweig-Cooper, South Middle; John Schneidmuller, North Middle; Vicki Solomon, South High; Victor Starsky, North Middle; Thomas Umstatter, South High; Shelly Wilcox, South Middle; and Susan Zucker, South Middle.

Nurses Regina Friedman and Kira Warren retired from the department of Pupil Personnel Services.

Edith Rudorfe and Sheila Bet retired from the Adult Basic Education program.

Retiring from office staff are Laurie Ann Bahna, Adult Learning Center; Arleen Blitz, North Middle; Paula Capobianco, Phipps; Joann Claus, North Middle; Linda Cornwell, Phipps; Margaret Mahoney, South High; Nancy Marmo, SEAL; Louise O’Connell-Carmiciano, Saddle Rock; Joyce Paseltiner, Cumberland; Jeanne Pugliese, South Middle; and Nanette Virgilio, South High.

Paraprofessionals who are retiring are Nora Berry, Parkville; Diana Chu, South Middle; Paula Discount, North Middle; Victoria Gandolfi, Kennedy; Diane Graham, South Middle; Jerry Laskin, South Middle; Mary Jane Lazzinnaro, Parkville; Audrey O’Neill, North Middle; Ivette Pelley, North Middle; Gabriele Schmitt, North High; and Monica White, Lakeville.

Retirees from the Transportation Department are Helene Blondell and Paul Rose. Michael Petrelli of North Middle retired from Buildings & Grounds and AnnaMaria Valenzano retired from the Food and Nutrition program.

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