District Adds Significant Enhancements


The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) plans to accelerate the schedule on a number of upgrades it will be making to its facilities at no additional cost to local taxpayers by reallocating the use of a bond it secured in 2015 and utilizing a $12.2-million grant the district was recently awarded by New York State. These upgrades will improve service for residents, in addition to making its operation more eco-friendly and efficient.

“The district continues to pro-actively seek sources of funding for improvement projects at the district’s facilities that will not affect our local taxpayers’ pockets,” said GNWPCD Commissioner Steve Reiter. “Financing these additional projects through the $12.2-million New York State grant—the largest grant the district has ever received—will aid in further developing the facility as a model for wastewater treatment centers in the northeast region.”

The upgrades will include enhancing the Shelter Rock and Manhasset Valley Pump Stations to improve service and provide extra capacity, expand the district’s microturbine co-generation facility and make necessary repairs and improvements to the plant’s bulkhead that borders Manhasset Bay. These upgrades will come on the heels of the district completing construction on Nassau’s only grease-receiving station, making improvements to the district’s digesters and enhancing its sludge dewatering system. All of these upgrades will support and enhance the district’s efficient, state-of-the-art, facilities.

Due to environmentally friendly improvements, the district saves more than 27-million gallons of drinking water annually.

“Our foremost mission here at the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District is to provide residents with first-rate service through investments in environmentally conscious infrastructure, while keeping taxpayer costs to a minimum,” said Reiter. “With the long-lasting benefits of these improvement projects—combined with it coming at no cost to taxpayers—we see this as a win-win and a momentous victory for our residents and the district’s stature as an innovator in the wastewater industry.”

The Town of North Hempstead will conduct a public hearing at Town Hall on April 17 at 7 p.m. regarding the reallocation of the existing 2015 bond commitments to these new projects.

For additional information and updates, call 516-482-0238 or visit www.gnwpcd.net.

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