Destined For Athletic Success

Football star Matthew Solomon is flanked by his mom and high school football and lacrosse coach dad.

As the son of a high school football and lacrosse coach, Matthew Solomon was destined for athletic success. The 2018 Great Neck South grad participated on a number of athletic teams throughout high school, including football, lacrosse and wrestling. In his senior year, he served as captain on each of the three teams.

The 2018 Great Neck South grad was encouraged by his parents as he played football, lacrosse and wrestling throughout high school.

Solomon was around athletics for much of his childhood. Encouraged by his dad, Solomon’s passion for athletics began at a young age.

“I’ve always looked up to my dad as my main role model,” he said. “I attribute my athletic success to [him]. He instilled hard work, dedication and leadership roles in me from a young age. He also taught me what coaches look for in an athlete, and I always strived to be the athlete they looked for.”

Following his father’s suit, Solomon participated in football and lacrosse from grade school. It wasn’t until the seventh grade, however, that he chose to pursue wrestling, as well. In an effort to improve his game in football and lacrosse, Solomon tried out for the wrestling team, a decision he will surely never forget.

“[Going] for it was the best decision I have ever made,” he said. “It became my life and main sport throughout high school.”

In an effort to improve his football and lacrosse games, Matthew Solomon joined the wrestling team.

Solomon was named an All-Conference player in football and received an All-Conference honorable mention in wrestling in his senior year. In recognition of the student-athlete’s work in the classroom, Solomon was also named to the Academic All-Conference Team.

During his senior year, the talented multi-sport athlete was one of 91 South High School students recognized by the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education for contributing to the quality of life at the school.

A true star, Solomon was also recognized as one of South High School’s top athletes.

“Matt is a leader on each of his three teams,” said Thomas Umstatter, the former athletic director at South.

Solomon began a new journey this past fall, as he embarked upon college life at Penn State University.

In his senior year at South High, the multi-sport athlete served as captain of three teams.

“I wanted a university [with] an involved student body,” Solomon explained. “I am also a huge sports fan, so I wanted a large university that had winning teams.”

Although the student-athlete did not plan to join any sports teams, he intended to continue playing in his spare time.

Academically, Solomon’s favorite subject in high school was social studies, and he is interested in studying criminology and political science at Penn State.

In his free time, he enjoys watching professional sports and spending time with friends and family.

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