Demanding More From Our Leaders


We live in a divisive world surrounded by politicians who disseminate polarizing rhetoric in an effort to promote their own political aspirations at any cost. I believe we should aspire and demand better from our leaders. We live in a diverse community that if unified, can employ the skills, culture and strengths of each group for the benefit of all those who live here. I know we can be better than many parts of our country. I know that our community can come together to move our community forward and to continue to make it a great place to live for our children and future generations. This why I support and will vote for Mayor Bral.

Through his actions and record, Mayor Bral has demonstrated that he has the aptitude and temperament to unify and not divide us. Mayor Bral has repeatedly exhibited that under his leadership, the village has and will continue to apply the laws equally and justly, without regard for where you come from or where you choose to worship, if you choose to worship at all. He has worked tirelessly to cut red tape and bureaucratic obstacles to attract businesses and promote development in the village.

In fact, he recently worked with a local entrepreneur and was instrumental in attracting a European bakery chain to the village. Construction on the bakery should begin shortly and it is expected to be open seven days a week, providing our community with much-needed jobs and to serve as an anchor for future businesses.

Mayor Bral and I do not worship at the same synagogue, our children do not attend the same school and we do not travel in the same social circles, but I know a good person when I meet one, and Pedram Bral is a good person. He is smart, capable and honest. Support Mayor Bral in his reelection and let’s move Great Neck forward.

—Gary Slobin

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