CVS Cat Community


It has come to my attention that the little community cat colony behind CVS on Middle Neck Road is being threatened with eviction. I understand that residents on Preston Road consider the cats disturbing and would like them eliminated.

I urge the community, whomever is in charge of this, to reconsider removing the cats. It would be shameful if the cats were taken to a shelter and exterminated. These are purrrr-fectly good cats (no pun intended) and it would be a shame to see them disturbed.  I agree that plates of food and refuse by the cats is inappropriate but it looks like that has been cleaned up. I have community cats in my backyard and feel that they may keep the field mouse population down.  Anyway, that’s how the plague started in Europe—with the elimination of community cats. So let’s be kind to our animal friends and try to find a compromise so that they can keep their home.

It would be excellent if the community would reconsider and save our cats! I often visit the community cat colony and see the black cat patrolling the CVS parking lot for his clan. Animal lovers unite.  Perhaps there is a solution for the residents that would not involve displacing the cats and putting them in danger of extermination. Remember: the true worth of a society is how nice we are to animals.

Leslie Feldman

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