Criticizes Library


In am writing in response to the article “Library Says Mann Has Resigned”, May 27-June 2. I have personally known Ethan Mann as director of Levels since 2001. I attest to the fact that he has always conducted himself with utmost professionalism and has been a teacher, mentor and most importantly a friend to our children through the years at times helping them through some difficult personal situations which teens often experience. It greatly disturbs me that the Library would state that Ethan resigned because it is not true. There has been a covert agenda to do away with Levels for as long as I can remember.  What better way to get rid of Levels but by getting rid of the person who makes Levels what it is.

Our children attended Levels from the time that they were about 13 years old and continue to have a relationship with Ethan as adults of 24 and 27. I believe that their experiences at Levels and their relationships with Ethan helped them become the successful professionals they are today. When our children were not comfortable to “hang out” on Middle Neck Road until all hours, they had a safe haven at Levels. Levels provided a place for our kids to go where they could have a degree of independence while socializing in a safe environment with adult supervision. Levels provided opportunities for our children to get involved with things that they might otherwise not have pursued. These involvements provided our kids a way to cultivate their various interests, while learning to work together as a team. Levels, under the direction of Ethan Mann, was a valuable asset to our community and it’s youth. To remove Ethan is to irreparably harm the program and to deny our children many wonderful experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

Jacqueline Chaplin

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