Color War At North Shore Hebrew Academy


Written by Chloe Mastour

It smells like teen spirit at North Shore Hebrew Academy (“NSHAHS”) as students gear up to compete in one of the most anticipated events of the year, Shiriyah. Shiriyah is also known as color war, a time for students to bask in a week free of tests and assignments. Each grade is divided into teams, differentiated by the following colors: Green (Freshmen), Purple (Sophomores), Blue (Juniors) and Red (Seniors). Each team is responsible for promoting a particular theme related to Passover and the story of Jewish redemption.

Grades compete in engaging activities such as chess and backgammon competitions, Trivial Pursuit, choir competition, public speaking, cake making and more. Each activity is in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. Though the school spirit is at a record high, any limits placed on typical activities go unnoticed.

Despite the fun and games, students encourage themselves to study for approaching A.P exams. As exams draw near, so does the warm weather students have been so desperately longing for. The year is surely moving fast and I wish everyone a delightful Passover. Whether it’s passing each other in the halls, exchanging notes or clapping along for our team, I greatly appreciate having spent this year with all of you.
Chag Sameach.

—Chloe Mastour is a student at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School (NSHAHS)

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