Clarification For Great Neck Library Patrons


In response to the letter to the editor in the June 8-14 edition of the Great Neck Record, it is not our intention to eliminate 90 percent of our collection. Our plan has always been to bring back all the books from temporary storage. Please realize that the collection was put into storage to facilitate the renovation of the Main Library. Due to the duration of their time in storage, a portion of the books will need to be weeded for the following reasons:

1. Nonfiction items in subjects such as medicine, law, technology, etc., that are more than 5 years old are generally considered outdated and will need to be weeded. We will be replacing this material with current and updated information for our patrons.

2. The Great Neck Library had purchased multiple copies of many best sellers and other popular novels. These works, although popular at the time, were, due to lack of space, sent to storage. Since most fiction best sellers have a limited life cycle, some of these novels from storage will be replaced with today’s latest releases. For others, the Great Neck Library may need fewer copies of the books than it has in storage. Hence, these books will be weeded.

During the renovation process, our librarians have continued to purchase items (books, reference materials, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials, etc.), and all of these materials are available on the shelves in the branches. Our librarians are constantly refreshing the collection with new materials and current information.

In conclusion, there is more than sufficient shelving for our collection. We will have closed-stack shelving, allowing us to maintain duplicate copies and seasonal materials. The expansive redesign of the building reveals a new layout which welcomes natural light and provides easy access and comfort for our patrons. New furniture and shelving showcase a beautify setting for our extensive book collection and further accentuate the open aesthetics of the library.

Thank you for your proactive library support. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

—Kathy Giotsas, MLIS, MBA
Executive Director
Great Neck Library

Read the original letter here.

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