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Tuesday, June 16, Village of Great Neck Mayor Ralph Kreitzman, Deputy Mayor Mitchell Beckerman and Trustee Jeff Bass will seek re-election in a very important contested race. I urge all residents of the village to come out and vote to re-elect these three very capable and dedicated public servants.

Mayor Kreitzman and trustees Beckerman and Bass have demonstrated during their many years in office that they have the knowledge and experience to deal quickly and effectively with the many complex issues involved in running such a large village. These issues span a wide range…financial, public utility, zoning, legal, regulatory, legislative, security and public relations, each of which is complicated and requires considerable expertise to resolve in the best interests of the Village.

I have found Mayor Kreitzman and his colleagues to be dedicated to the difficult job of running our village successfully, frequently under considerable pressure. They skillfully piloted our village through the dangers and consequences of hurricanes and unprecedented snowstorms, dealt with financial impact of business recessions and addressed consequences of population shifts and related changes in our village.

We simply cannot afford to lose Kreitzma,  Beckerman and Bass. I urge all residents vote for the Better Government Party and re-elect Kreitzman, Beckerman and Bass. and to call friends and neighbors to join them. Vote at Great Neck House, noon to 9 p.m., Tuesday, June 16.

Leon Korobow


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