Chronicles Of A Persian Mom


Regarding “Chronicles of a Persian Mom” in the July 27–Aug. 2 issue of the Great Neck Record, I have three words for Persian mom Ilana Siyance Kalati: I LOVE YOU. Ms. Kalati has voiced the frustrations of an entire community with tongue-in-cheek wit and humor. I love her admission (or should I say “confession”) of parking on the white line at Everfresh when strawberries were on sale (on Friday—the WORST day to go there!). Hilarious!

And, bottom line, she’s right. The traffic problem is a function of big trucks (SUVs) and population density. Local politicians promoted too much building at the expense of quality of life and we have the greatest density we’ve ever had here. Speaking as a resident of more than 50 years, I applaud Ms. Kalati’s humor and agree with her conclusions. I think we have a new Erma Bombeck at the Great Neck Record.

Leslie Feldman, PhD

Read “Chronicles Of A Persian Mom.”

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